Welcome to new intern Matthew Kovacev!

Matthew Kovacev was born in Pasadena, CA, but moved to the DC area at a very young age. He has spent much of his life in Virginia, so had always figured he was going to do something at least tangentially related to politics. Sure enough, he has since found himself attending George Mason University as a Public Administration major working towards a public policy career. Matthew has various interests within the field of public policy, ranging from foreign affairs to nuclear policy. As he has been easing into a career in policy, he has found himself fortifying writing skills through Student Government and the school newspaper, the Fourth Estate, which he continues to write for. Matthew’s career background brought him to the magazine, Modern Diplomacy. With Modern Diplomacy, Matthew has written on topics such as misogyny, far-right extremism, and European reliance on Russian oil. He truly enjoys doing research and plans on researching the effect of the use of strong buzzwords (“fascist”, “socialist”) on the polls or approval ratings of certain candidates. He is excited to be working for CARP and cannot wait to make contributions here!

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