Welcome new intern, Ninya Khabush!

Ninya Khabush is currently studying at George Mason University. She is majoring in Government and International Politics with an interest in minoring Chinese. Ninya was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand and decided to study abroad in the United States to experience a multicultural environment. 

Ninya learned about CARP through International Relations class with Professor Eric Shiraev. She started to have an interest in character assassination since this topic has been very prominent in politics, entertainment, history, and many various areas. She joined CARP because not only is the topic interesting and very significant to the world and our lives, but she also wants to explore and enhance her research skills and contribute to the CARP team.

Ninya is researching about character assassination against LGBTQ celebrities in Southeast Asia and how the cultural values and societal impact on these individuals. She is also in charge of CARP’s social media presence and promotion alongside other interns by running our Instagram (@CARP_Research). In addition to her character attack interests, Ninya is also interested in International relations and International Security. Ninya is currently in the International Community Network and a Security and Defense division chief in an undergraduate think tank, Sycamore Institute. 

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