In the Media


December, 2020 – The Normalizing of Character Assassination. Interview with Sergei Samoilenko ~ Michael Gordon, The PropWatch Project.

November, 2020 – “Amnesty, abortion, and acid”. Why negative campaigning works ~ Shiraev, E., & Keohane, J. The Washington Examiner

October, 2020 – Character assassination on women in politics through the ages. Washington Examiner Staff.

October, 2020 – Character Assassination in the 2020 Presidential Race: A New Low? Washington Examiner Staff.

August, 2020 – Global Knowledge Warfare: Using strategic imagination to harness uncertainty and fear ~ Shiraev, E., & Molger, H. The Cipher Brief

August, 2020 – Is 2020 that bad? A historical look at character assassination and the US presidency. Washington Examiner Staff.

August, 2020 – Destined for character attacks: A national history of ugly rhetoric ~ Shiraev, E., & Keohane, J. The Washington Examiner

August, 2020 – Eric Shiraev on The Larry O’Connor Show


July, 2019 – Karaktermoord ~ Ariejan Korteweg, De Volkskrant

July, 2019 – Analysts review President Trump’s tweets ~  Jeff Abell.

June, 2019 – Karaktermoord! ~ Joppe Gloerich, Elsevier Weekblad

March, 2019 – Character assassination conference promotes dialogue aimed at solutions ~ Aburdeineh, M.


April, 2018 – Institute of World Politics. (2018). Perspectives on character assassination. Seminar at the Institute of World Politics.   


November, 2017 – Character Assassination in Elections ~ Claire Underwood, Fourth Estate

September, 2017 – #35: Character Assassination, Reputation Politics, and Social Media in Russia, with Sergei Samoilenko ~ Michael Bossetta, Social Media and Politics Podcast

August, 2017 – More than sticks and stones: International conference on character assassination studies the phenomenon from the background of diverse disciplines ~ Reynolds, A.

June, 2017 – Toxic Talk: New research center seeks to understand and counter character smears ~ Leonato, K.

April, 2017 – Weaponizing Social Media ~ Alan Rosenblatt, Huffington Post

March, 2017 – A Much-Needed Conference on Character and Reputation Politics ~ Richard Sheehe, StratComm360

March, 2017 – CARP Research Lab hosts inaugural conference on “Character Assassination in Theory and Practice” and Toxic Talk: New Research Center Seeks to Understand and Counter Character Smears ~Kristin Leonato, Cornerstone CHSS Alumni Magazine

Spring, 2017 – Toxic Talk: New research center seeks to understand and counter character smears ~ Kristin Leonato, Cornerstone Magazine