CARP 2011 Seminar

The International Society for the Study of Character Assassination (ISSCA) held its first seminar at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany on July 21-23, 2011. 2011 Heidelberg Seminar participants included:

Top Row (left to right): Alicia Hooper, Henriette van der Blom, Andreas Umland. Middle Row (left to right): Tracy Adams, Charles Walton, Vincent Viaene, Jan Meister, Kenneth Wolf. Front Row (left to right): Gilles Lecuppre, Jason Smart, Sergei Tsytsarev, Eric Shiraev, Martijn Icks, Martina Klicperova, Alexandra Eppinger. Not pictured: Henning Börm, Edwina Hagen

2011 Seminar Location Information:

The Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg is a public research university located in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Founded in 1386, it is the oldest university in Germany and was the fourth university established in the Holy Roman Empire.

Heidelberg University website:

Department: Heidelberg University, the Seminar  für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik:

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