CARP Digest [October 2017]

by Katya Beisel

October was eventful for us. It was CARP’s first full month of publishing content on this new platform. Additionally, we devoted a significant amount of time to preparing for our Nov. 10 virtual press conference. Our efforts included a successful trial run on Oct. 27.

In The Character Assassination of Robert Bork, Eric Shiraev explored the advent of “borking” and examined Robert Bork’s failed US Supreme Court nomination as a case study in character assassination.

Martijn Icks delved into an even older and more infamous case of character assassination in Fiddler on the Roof: Nero and the Great Fire of Rome, where he connected this ancient case study in character assassination to its modern media resonance in political cartoons.

In One Hypocrisy Charge that Won’t Seem to Stick, Jennie Keohane extended her analysis of hypocrisy charges as character assassination to the “thoughts and prayers” narrative among Republican NRA donation recipients in the wake of mass-shootings.

Finally, Sergei Samoilenko authored an examination of the differing nuances of character assassination in bureaucratic and democratic systems in The Benefits of Bureaucratic Leadership: When There’s No Character to Assassinate.

In other news, CARP organized a trial livestream broadcast on Oct. 27 to prepare for our Nov. 10 virtual press conference. We appreciate all of our colleagues who supported or efforts and helped us test out Google Hangout on Air as a broadcasting platform. The trial run was a success, and we look forward to the real thing on Nov. 10.


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