George Mason University welcomes Dr. Martijn Icks to Campus

Martijn Icks is a professor at the University of Amsterdam. Most of his research is focused on the time of the Roman Empire, although his interests are not confined to the ancient world but extend to later periods as well. Dr. Icks obtained his PhD cum laude from the University of Nijmegen in 2008. He was a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Heidelberg. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the Roman emperor Elagabalus and his fictional afterlife in art and literature from antiquity to the present day. His book, The Crimes of Elagabalus: The Life and Legacy of Rome’s Decadent Boy Emperor (2011) was published by Harvard University Press.

Among other things, his research interests include the representation and perception of imperial power, Roman art and coinage, imperial rituals, gender, and reception studies. He also has a keen interest in character assassination as an historical and cross-cultural phenomenon.

Icks is a founding member of CARP, the Lab for Character Assassination and Reputation Politics, based at George Mason University. With Eric Shiraev, he published Character Assassination throughout the Ages (2014). He is one of the editors of the Routledge Handbook of Character Assassination and Reputation Management (2020). He co-authored (with J. Keohane, S. Samoilenko, and E. Shiraev) Character Assassination and Reputation Management (2022).

Dr. Martijn Icks will deliver the following lectures at GMU (Fairfax campus)


Greeks and Persians: Ethnic Identity and Othering in Antiquity

Tuesday, April 11, 1:30-2:45 pm

Lecture Hall 3 (Fairfax). Open to the public.


Roman Imperialism: Conquest, Oppression, and Integration

Tuesday, April 11, 3:00-4:15 pm

Enterprise Hall 178 (Fairfax). Open to the public.


Character Assassination in History: Cicero vs. Catiline

Friday, April 14th, 12:00-1:30 pm

Aquia Hall (Fairfax), Schar School Conference Room. Open to the public (by RSVP).

Questions? Please email Eric Shiraev  

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