CARP Digest [March 2018]


It’s been another busy month for CARP and it’s contributors. Recently, Jennifer Keohane, Sergei Samoilenko and Eric Shiraev spoke about CARP, it’s research objectives and unique multidisciplinary approach to character assassination at the historic Marlatt Mansion. The panel was organized by the Institute of World Politics, and you can check out Serge’s key highlights from the Q&A session in the latest blog post, “Highlights from Perspectives on Character Assassination”.

Earlier in the month, Jennifer Keohane shared some exciting news regarding her latest publication. Communist Rhetoric and Feminist Voices in Cold War America, which focuses on how the rhetoric of women affiliated with the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) sustained feminist advocacy despite contemporary American conservatism, is now available from publisher Rowman & Littlefield and Amazon.

We started this month with our very first guest contribution from Vasily Gatov, who examined the intricacies, mysteries and outright falsehoods of the mainstream media narrative surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal in “Network of Lies”. We hope to read more from him in the future, and welcome guest contributions and collaborative opportunities.

If you are interested in contributing to the CARP blog or joining our interactive multidisciplinary network of character-focused scholars, contact us via the contact form here.

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