CARP Digest [February 2018]

We have been busy this past month. Just yesterday, Sergei Samoilenko and I attended a series of panels in Washington, D.C. focusing on reputation management. You can check out some insights from that event in our latest blog post, “Take Aways from Reputation Management Challenges: What Every New Professional Should Know”.

You can see CARP contributors and founders in action at the upcoming Perspectives on Character Assassination Panel, featuring Sergei Samoilenko, Jennie Keohane and Eric Shiraev on April 13.

Of course, neither of these events distracted us from  our weekly blogging. If you missed any of our recent blog posts, feel free to follow the links below and check out our contributors’ insights.

In Dracula: A Tale of Terror, Martijn Icks examined the character assassination of one of history’s most infamous figures – Vlad III Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler.

More recently, Jennie Keohane discussed the recent and disturbing erosion of a seemingly concrete tenet of American political discourse in Assassinating Children and Teens. Or, Leave Barron Trump Alone.

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